Awareness is the first step of healing

Awareness is the first step of healing.
I am willing to learn to love myself.
Louise Hay
“The beliefs that are most deeply hidden often have the greatest power over us. Their strength dissipates as they are brought into the light of awareness.” ~ Ezra Bayda

The light of consciousness transforms all that it shines upon. Do not fear or hide from your past – embrace it. Every perceived error, challenging situation or moment where we may feel that we have missed the mark has played a role in our developing awareness. Sometimes we have to be who we aren’t in order to discover who we are.

Living a life of complete acceptance provides the grace that comes from not needing to hide any aspect of yourself. Those deepest, darkest secrets that once held so much power of you now transform into a sparkling manifestation of a multi-faceted piece of art.

Enlightenment is a process. Step by step we explore the layers of false beliefs and limiting patterns that block us from love. Real joy is often just a quiet presence in the moment.

Today my intention is to remember that the gateways to knowledge and wisdom are always open to me.
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