Be who you truly are

Be who you truly are – not who you think you are or believe you should be.
I radiate health, happiness, prosperity and peace of mind.
~ Louise Hay~
“As we relentlessly observe ourselves, the images we have of who we are and who we need to be – which at one time seemed so real – begin to peel away like layers of an onion. Pleasant self-images may give way to uglier ones, each seeming equally real until that layer too peels away. As every illusory idea of who we are is stripped off, we can finally experience the quivering freedom of not needing to be anyone at all.”
~ Ezra Bayda

See yourself as far more than the roles that you play in this lifetime. You are more than your history. You are more than your fears. When you observe yourself through the expansive wisdom of the heart, you can begin to experience glimpses of this limitless energy. If your mind is clouded by thought and expectations, everything you see will be a reflection of your thoughts.

This is the moment of transformation. Consciously choose thoughts that empower, uplift and enhance. Take responsibility only for your joy in this moment and make it your first priority. As you create peace in your own experience, it will be reflected in your life.

Today my intention is to handle all my experiences with wisdom, love and ease.
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