Miracles in the making

At this very moment there are miracles in the making. Tiny threads of intention and action are weaving beautiful patterns that will be expressed within your experience. The energy behind this powerful alchemy flows directly from the Divine, through you, and into the world of form.

It is our responsibility to open as many energetic pathways as possible and consciously ensure that we are willing to receive. Gifts of awakening come to us in myriad ways and may be easy to see or disguised as an obstacle. It’s important not to become tangled within the web of expectation and attachment. If our vision is too narrow, we may not recognize the gifts that are available for us.

As you become more spiritually awakened, the veils of illusion which have clouded your perception begin to separate and ultimately dissolve into faint memory. The time has come to step into awareness of your true nature and walk forward with the innocence and trust of a child.

At the deepest core of our being we are the observers, the witnesses of the miracle of existence. From this space of awareness we discover the living flame of the Divine, the spark of life and love that resides within us.

Today my intention is to seek the miracles of life with an open heart and mind.

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