The journey of a awakening soul

No matter what you wish to achieve, you can set energy in motion right now. What steps can you take today to accelerate the momentum while opening pathways to receive? Be at ease in the fullness of who you are in this moment knowing that each conscious step and decision carries the power of intention.

When we bring the quality of ease and grace to our journey, there is no sense of neediness or feeling of being unfulfilled. Rather, we carry the sense of peace into each action, access the space of allowing within the Now and observe that all is well. In faith, we become open and vulnerable to the loving energy of the Divine.

Sometimes our journey intersects with people who carry their wounds into all that they do.  The least interaction or event can trigger emotional upset and reaction. Consider how painful an open wound in the physical body can be when it is touched (or remains untended) and recognize that someone who struggles with emotional or mental wounding encounters similar types of pain.

A student of the Tao works on healing mind, body and spirit and ultimately is able to walk in the world whole and complete, thus helping others to heal along the way. As we observe the repeating patterns of our lives, they begin to dissolve. This is the journey of an awakening soul…

Allow your actions to be guided by love, healing, vision and delight. When you encounter someone who is in the throes of their own pain, hold the space of consciousness during your interaction. Take one more step forward on the Path of Transformation and know that you are right where you need to be.

Today my intention is to embrace the journey with an open heart and mind.

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