The magic and mystery of life

In order to experience the true magic and mystery of life, we must be willing to step into the unknown. The mind often seeks safety, creating judgments and opinions that stop us in our tracks and prompt us to remain immersed within the known; however, the Path of Transformation teaches us to learn how to trust the process of awakening experienced within our unique journey.

Fear is not the enemy, nor is it an obstacle. It is merely an indicator that we are embarking into new experience. Observe and welcome it as an opportunity to move into the depths of your personal freedom. The ego will often plant “what if?” thoughts that create hesitation… notice and observe, and then choose to recognize the value to be gained by stretching out of your comfort zone.

Stepping into the unknown sparks greater awareness. It allows us to discover new attributes and strengths and can help us to heal our fear. Our resistance creates more pain than events themselves. This moment is the opportunity to expand your consciousness. Try something new, drop judgment and allow yourself to open to life.

Today my intention is to remember that courageousness is not about being fearless, but seeing past fear to the infinite truth of my nature.

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