The only way to dispel darkness is to turn on a light

I think of all the times I’ve tried to walk through the room in the pitch black of night and stubbed a toe, bruised myself on a piece of furniture or a partially opened door (usually with mumbled expletives) or on one memorable occasion, had a moment of fear because my hat rack looked like a man standing at the foot of the bed.

In the darkness, we can complain, stumble and become frustrated, physically harm ourselves… yet sometimes we do it anyway, knowing that it’s possible to turn on a light but choosing not to do so.

Once we turn on the light, all the things that felt like obstacles now become clear as day. They are easy to navigate and might not be perceived as obstacles at all – merely a dresser, a pillow on the floor, a shoe. We then easily reach our destination.

As we look at our lives on this planet, it’s exactly the same. The darkness is merely our limited vision, being utilized without the light of consciousness. Fighting the darkness, shadow boxing, wishing it was easier, stubbing our toes and then complaining…. these are all ways that we humans approach our challenges… until we choose to turn on the light of consciousness and see things as they truly are.

Today my intention is not only to ensure that I approach everything with a conscious awareness and unconditional love, but to also remind others where the light switch is. It’s so much easier, but some still might prefer to navigate through the dark for reasons of their own – and that’s ok too. The light switch isn’t going anywhere…

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