Manifesting change

There is nothing to be gained from making life more difficult than it needs to be. Struggle does eventually provide insight and additional lessons; however, the pathway is traversed more quickly when we simply make the necessary changes, try new things and take one more step forward.

If you wish to manifest change within your experience it’s up to you to break out of the comfort zone you’ve created. Your soul will always attempt to meet any karmic obligations and there is great freedom in the discovery that all things work to our highest good.

When you allow the movement of the Divine to weave itself throughout your life, you may be surprised to discover how quickly problems are solved. Inspiration allows you to see more clearly and take actions which bring you into balance in mind, body and spirit.

It’s time for you to break through to a new dimension. Share your knowledge and be a living example for those around you. This moment is an opportunity to walk your talk and speak your truth with integrity. Practice compassion, be loving and witness the beauty which unfolds in your experience.

Today my intention is to walk in respect and gratitude for the many blessings of my life.


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