Being grateful when things aren’t working

This morning I stepped outside for a few moments of gratitude. In the darkness of pre-dawn I was greeted and serenaded by a chorus of frogs. So, I began my day by being joyful that they had found a place to reside in the midst of the drought we are experiencing.

Frog represents transformation through water and sound and in shamanic practices, their voice can call the rain. All our amphibious friends symbolize metamorphosis, and Frog inspires us to utilize the flowing qualities of emotion in order to create changes in our lives. My guides have asked me to pass along the following message: Seek that which heals the soul through tears, immerse yourself in the feelings which arise and allow them to lead the way to a new expression, intention and experience. Become the observer.

Take some time to specifically give thanks for the things that aren’t flowing perfectly (according to the ego’s demands and expectations) knowing that all is well. Sometimes we seek to accomplish particular goals and the Universe has other plans. Align with the knowledge that, as humans, we have very limited perception. You are supported and guided and if a door has closed, it is only to create a space of greater empowerment and possibility within your life.

Thousands of desires arise constantly from the mind and it can be easy to get caught in the web of wish-fulfillment. It is limited perception, thought-based desire that creates dis-ease and empty longing. Seek wholeness in this moment and see what you can experience fully with all your being. The gateway to power is the Now.

Today my intention is to trust the flow of my experiences. In the infinity of life, all is perfect, whole and complete.

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