Awareness and the freedom of joy

Awareness transforms everything. Just go into total openness and see… become the watcher and observe without judgment. Once we become aware of the habitual way that unconsciousness works, we begin to see that we have alternatives. Think of the terms we use to describe the advancement of the soul – enlightenment, awareness, awakening, mindfulness, consciousness – we are simply waking from the dream, and seeing clearly, dissolve it completely.

Conversely, we describe those who have yet to awaken as being asleep, unconscious, ignorant or unevolved. The only difference between the two is the level of awareness.

Seek to teach those around you through your example. More powerful than any words, a life of peace and empowerment cuts through the darkness like a beacon that lights the night.

Our world is a dream, ever-changing, fluctuating, every moment completely new. Clinging brings pain. Enjoy the transformation in which you are immersed and all that surprises it brings.

Realize that consciousness has little to do with belief. It is the very personal awareness that comes from knowing and living your truth. Many seek to cover their ignorance with specific beliefs, and hide in the safety of repeating what they have been taught without truly learning the freedom of empowerment.

The spiritual seeker is often seen as a rebel. We remain constantly engaged in the art of observation, acceptance, and broadening perception. This is the gift you share with the world. Should you experience pain along your journey, observe what you are clinging to and realize that you can consciously choose the joy that acceptance brings.

Today my intention is to hold no cherished outcome. I am not subject to disappointment.

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