Your unique Path of Transformation

Ultimately, each of walks our own unique Path of Transformation alone. While we interact with one another, seek knowledge and new perceptions and learn from the valuable reflection that show us the way, its important to allow your path to be yours – not one that you’ve read about and are emulating and certainly not one built from societal or parental expectations.

Once you become aware of this, you might be surprised at the freedom of it. The life experience is a blank slate that is really very simple. We need to learn to live in accordance with the unknown and become conscious in each and every moment of what we are choosing to create.

Awareness enhances the beauty, passion and intensity within you. It releases you from the entrapment of the ego – possessiveness, jealously, greed and fear – and each moment strengthens your knowledge of the connection between you and the Divine. This movement toward wholeness is the natural state of your being. Though we may feel lost at times, there it waits within the stillness of your heart.

Be kind to one another. Find ways to show love, to serve and be compassionate. You cannot walk in the light of love and remain unchanged. But if you wait… the ego will find reasons to put off these acts of kindness, postponing the inevitable outpouring of love (and the resulting self-transformation) that wants to flow through you. Authentic acts of kindness, without attachment to outcomes, raise the energy of all those involved. Don’t wait! Be love.

Today my intention is to be quick to do good.

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