Listen to the messages from your body

True healing requires acknowledging and experiencing the very distress that arises when we hold to cherished outcomes or give away our energy to others. Clinging creates pain and tension in the body, which in turn is an indicator of the pain or imbalance carried in the energetic field.

Your physical body is always in communication with you and every cell is filled with Divine Intelligence. It is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs and responds to what we say and do.

I once allowed a client to drain my energy. This person called me on a daily basis (sometimes paying, sometimes not) and I failed to clearly define boundaries in our communication and interactions. This went on for a few months until I found myself dreading each time the phone rang (sign number one and I was blind to it). Then, while walking, I hurt of right knee and began to experience a great deal of pain. Next, I hurt my right shoulder working out and still tried to “hide” it as pain now radiated all down the right side of the body (sign number two, and my ego was still unwilling to let me see the truth). I continued to function day by day, off-balance, uncomfortable and now ego-driven since “spiritual healers don’t let themselves get so far off-balance”.

Finally, the Universe found a way to get my to acknowledge what my body was attempting to bring to my attention. Uncharacteristically, my husband decided to have me help him stretch prior to a workout. He asked me to squat down and placed his outstretched leg out, with his foot on my right shoulder and said, “Now, stand up really slowly.” Of course, I was too weak to move at all. Finally I had to admit out loud that I had hurt myself and couldn’t do what he wanted.

All at once the realization hit – the right side of the body represent the energy that we give out to others and also can represent the men in our lives. In my case, it was a combination of the two. Immediately, I began to set things right in the physical world. I took the time to write a fact-based email to the person in question outlining how much we had spoken, how much he had been charged, and explained that we needed to change how we interact going forward in order for me to assist him in the healthiest way possible. I took full responsiblity for creating the situation, and I also took full responsiblity for correcting it.

My pain was gone within three days. That particular person chose another psychic (I hope!), and now I see him as the amazing teacher that he was. Learning how to define boundaries is a very important lesson – one that we continue to practice. Often we give away our energy, seemingly for altruistic reasons, but the body will let us know when we aren’t seeing clearly.

Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” is a great resource for deciphering the messages of the body. Like any other resource, it can point you in the right direction and ultimately, you can find your own truth and create healing where needed.

Today my intention is to be grateful for the constant flow of communication and love from the Universe. Everyone and everything is my teacher.

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