Chaos and breakthroughs

The challenges that we face help us to enter the unknown parts of ourselves in order to grow in peace, gain greater understanding of our skills and talents and create transformation in our lives. Honor the lessons which emerge from the darkest beginnings knowing that from the chaos, new facets are being brought to light.

Have faith in the process of your awakening. There are times when the soul simply delves into the shadow aspects of the personality to grow spiritually and move forward on the Path of Transformation. This is why noticing any judgment that arises is such a powerful practice – we see the perceived dysfunction (both within ourselves or others) as an indicator that the possibility of a breakthrough is at hand.

Our conscious awareness creates the space in which a transformation can occur. Notice the moments when you may feel triggered by others in your life, news stories, memories of the past, etc. That movement of emotion is merely capturing your attention – something new is ready to emerge.

All aspects of your spirit contain amazing beauty and there is no need to fear the process, no matter how intense it can become. You are on a journey of discovery and soon will enter the phase of rebirth where you welcome an entire new reality.

Today my intention is to bear witness to the reflections which abound, knowing that new aspects of myself are waiting to be discovered. I am willing to emerge into a state of higher consciousness, love and empowerment.

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