The love that you experience in the world is a direct reflection
of the love you have for yourself.
“Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.” 
~Antoine Lavoisier~
Armed with the knowledge that love resides at the core of everything, we see the world through a different filter than those who choose to see life as a struggle. If you seek to discover love in a given situation, you will surely find it.

Transformation is always possible. We are consistently learning, expanding our perception and gaining new insights. You are far different than you were five or ten years ago – and that is absolutely a cause for celebration. Remember to periodically give yourself credit for how far you have come.

And while challenges don’t magically disappear for those who are in the process of awakening, we become less reactive, the triggers lessen, we are no longer as identified with the ego and this allows us to become liberated from the mechanisms of the mind.

Be gentle with yourself. Begin with self love, kindness and compassion and then allow that flow of energy to flow outward. Everything is love.
Today my intention is to bring mindfulness to my every interaction.   
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