The greatest gift you can give

All change begins within.
“Real morality comes not out of conscience but out of consciousness. Become more conscious, release more conscious energy in your being, explode into consciousness – and then you will see you are living a life in absolute attunement with existence.” 
The more awakened you are, the less involved you will be with drama, judgment, anger. This inner transformation lifts you to another level of consciousness and allows you to bring a higher, more objective perception to any situation. Your sense of peace and insight can spark new growth in those with whom you interact. Be the change you wish to see.

As each of us does our own work, we participate in the healing of our collective consciousness. Rather than wishing or demanding that others change, consistently provide a demonstration of what an inspired life looks like.

Everything is sacred. Do your best to see beyond the roles that people play to the spirit within and respond to that rather than to the ego. Elevate people with your energy, words and actions and know that your presence here is a gift.
Today my intention is to have compassion for those who are lost in the grip of unconsciousness.   
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