Abundance and fulfillment


Abundance is connected to a deep state of gratitude.

“What is truly a part of our spiritual path is that which brings us alive. If gardening brings us alive, that is our path, if it is music, if it is conversation… we must follow what brings us alive.” 
~ David Steindl-Rast~
Look beyond your challenges to the beauty that fills your life experience. The present moment provides an opportunity to return to life in a way that allows you to give rather than being propelled by desire. The awakened heart sees through the eyes of love and gratitude with the realization that abundance is a state of mind.

Spiritual abundance and fulfillment have greater depth than simple prosperity or having a particular financial goal. Things, by their very nature, bring limitation and the worry of “what ifs?” that can destroy one’s well-being. One who is truly abundant is already complete. Outer expressions of prosperity can ebb and flow; however, the heart that is fulfilled is untroubled and lives in a state of grace.

Celebrate existence! Embrace the joys and beauty that life has to offer. See yourself as an expression of the divine, step into service and discover the love that resides at the core of everything. Then, your walk will become flowing and harmonious.
Today my intention is to say yes to life.   
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