Living with an open heart

Love thrives when we allow the winds of heaven to dance in between us.

That’s Right! I open my consciousness to the expansion of life. There is plenty of room for me to grow and change

When you enter into a union with a lover, child, friend, business partner or pet, remember not to collapse yourself into that union. Leave enough room for each of you to be separate and whole so that you retain your unique authenticity when you unite. This freedom allows room for growth and discovery.

Partnerships reflect the openness of your heart chakra, your self love, as well as the relationship you have with the Divine. As you evolve, you are less needy and less likely to attach your happiness to others’ actions or choices. You discover the beauty of creating a space in which each person can thrive.

The Universe supports every aspect of your growth and will always provides the perfect situation to assist your soul’s development. When you encounter patterns or beliefs that no longer serve you, observe and release them. As each layer of limitation falls away all that remains is the pure potential of love. You stand at the doorway of infinite possibility.

Today my intention is to be an shining example of the love, light and laughter of the Divine.

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