Our meeting place

Empowerment is breaking free from old patterns.

That’s Right! I see the best in everyone and help them bring out their most joyous qualities

We are in the process of an incredible collective transformation, a shift in consciousness that offers the potential for both personal and global expansion. How can we discover a common meeting ground in the midst of such growth? By seeking that which connects us.

“I’m stubborn, ecstatic and nosy;
my friend so delicate,
impatient and weary.
Without a messenger between us
how can we find harmony?
We can only meet
in the presence of the Divine.”
~ Rumi

Each of us comes from the same source of love and has embarked on a journey of healing and discovery. Fear and judgment separate us. Those who have risen above fear in their own lives tend to have great compassion for those who are still lost in its grip.

In the infinite presence of the Divine, we discover joy and connectedness when we learn to see through the mechanisms of the ego – our own as well as that of others. Look with the heart and embrace the role that each person and circumstance plays in your soul’s awakening.

Today my intention is to bring the best version of myself to this moment.

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