Authenticity is a wonderful way to express your truth.

That’s Right! I am willing to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity

Enlightenment is more than achieving spiritual insight and balancing karma. As you increase in awareness and wisdom, you’ll naturally demonstrate it in every aspect of your life. Compassion and gratitude will be displayed no matter what the topic or situation.

Anyone can be peaceful sitting in quiet meditation. The goal is to bring that vibration of awareness so profoundly into your experience that it remains a foundation for you even when confronted with challenges, unconsciousness or opposition.

“When faced with situations in which we see a wrong that needs to be addressed, we may never know with certainty what is the right thing to do. Nor can we ever fully control the outcome of our actions. Nonetheless, when we see such a wrong, as long as the heart is clear of the negativity of anger, we must do what we perceive is right. With the humility of uncertainty and the clarity of the wish to do no harm, we must not hold ourselves back in fear.”
~ Ezra Bayda

Allow all of your decisions and interactions to be guided by joy, enthusiasm or love. Actions taken while in the frequency of fear or doubt will drain your energy and leave you indecisive and confused. Step into your strength by creating a flow of passion and empowerment in your experience. Those who have manifested you into their lives need your authentic and unique energy as part of their growth process. Be the light you wish to see.

Today my intention is to bring love into the present moment.

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