Living madly in love with life

You bring something beautiful to the world that was not there before.
“My home is a peaceful haven. I put love in every corner, and my home lovingly responds with warmth and comfort.”
~Louise Hay~
When you are creative, you open yourself as a conduit for Divine energy. Fill your space with beauty, magic, love and passion. Allow life to be a sacred dance that expands your heart and awakens your ability to receive.

Experience brings understanding and freedom. With this in mind, consider what you choose to experience. Do you hold yourself in the safety of repetitive patterns or do you explore the myriad nuances of life?

The mind asks, “How?” The heart simply moves forward – it listens and acts. This is why creativity can play such a beautiful role in your awakening. You simply move with the energy and it’s flow directs something new into being. Do this for yourself. Creativity is not limited to works of art or writing. It can easily be a playful aspect of how you choose to prepare meals, decorate your home or create a sacred space in which to meditate. Scatter joy around you and see what those seeds become.

Today my intention is to remember that love transforms all it touches. Living madly in love with life allows joy to express itself through me.

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