Limitless possibility


Be present with whatever is happening without believing
your judgments about it.

“Today is my stepping-stone to new awareness
and greater joy.”
~Louise Hay~

Fixed beliefs and boundaries block us from experiencing life’s mysteries. Don’t play it safe – act from the heart and allow circumstances to unfold as they will. No matter how things appear, you are loved, supported and guided each and every step of the way.

We learn through contrasts. Confusion eventually leads us to greater awareness. Hatred teaches us the importance of love. Loss renews our ability to create. No matter what unfolds in your experience, remember that there are infinite possibilities to explore.

Your thoughts create your reality. Fearful, negative or imbalanced thoughts create a filter that block your ability to see things clearly. Pay attention and purposely choose thoughts that expand your vision. In the midst of challenge, for instance, one can choose to move into gratitude and faith even if the gift has yet to be discovered. The willingness to do so opens the gateways of awareness.

Today my intention is to constantly have new insights and new ways of looking at the world.

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