Living in the realm of infinite possibility

Observe fear when it arises, then consciously turn towards it.

“I look forward with enthusiasm to the adventures of the day.”
~Louise Hay~

The willingness to accept life as it is has nothing to do with whether or not you like what you see. Resistance causes pain; therefore, choose to observe, accept, create balance and then act. Conscious choices lead to conscious behavior.

Often, when faced with the unknown, fear will arise.

“Fear tells us to stop, to stay within the boundary of our protected cocoon-world. Yet when we feel fear, if we take even one small step toward it rather than yielding to our habitual pulling away, we move one step closer to the vast mind that lies beyond. When we feel fear, instead of saying, “I’m afraid,” thus reinforcing our identification with our fear as who we are, we can simply say, “Fear is present.” Thus fears power gradually dissipates, and we begin to free ourselves from it. When we simply experience fear just as it is – without our opinion, judgments, and reactions – fear is not nearly so frightening.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Observe the prevalence of fear in our society. Notice how much energy is put into creating states of anxiety around every topic imaginable and how it eats into the fabric of every interaction and conversation. When you redirect that energy into the realm of infinite possibility, self-love and peace must emerge. Acknowledge fear when it arises; however, choose to step forward with faith. Be the loving witness of the expansion of your true potential and how it manifests itself in your experience of the world.

Today my intention is to know that I am safe. I am comfortable with change and growth and there are always new levels to explore.

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