Your unique journey

You bring something beautiful to the world.

“Every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to becomes more of who I am.”
~Louise Hay~

Each of us plays a specific role in the collective awakening taking place on the planet. Times of great change are often preceded by chaotic energy. Shake-ups are intended to break us free from old limiting patterns.

Become an active participant in life. You have a purpose and it can only be expressed through sharing your unique gifts. Some are called to hold space for another. We create space by being clear ourselves. Rather than add confusion and drama to a challenging situation, the awakened spirit creates a space in which a transformation can occur.

Choose to align yourself energetically with harmony and balance. In a world bombarded by opinion, things deemed “newsworthy” and fear, it’s important to remember that happiness is a choice. We can demonstrate a conscious way of life Now. Do not wait for the rest of the world to awaken, help them to awaken. See your primary purpose as one who creates joy here and now.

Today my intention is to become an instrument of peace. I choose to keep my focus on kindness and compassion.

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