Living in your integrity

     Each of us walks such a unique path as part of our awakening; however, the lessons and challenges all point to one thing: We are one and all struggle due to a perceived separation from one another. Whether it’s getting lost in fear, anger, judgment, denial or expectation, no one is harder on you than you.

     When we walk in our integrity, we find the answers that lie within. There’s great freedom in being honest with one’s self, owning our own “stuff” and releasing the expectations of society, family or past history. Awakening is a collective response to treasures that have yet to be discovered.

      Listen to the voice of your heart. It’s constantly communicating with you through the body. When your choices create imbalance, look for ways in which you may be out of integrity with yourself. For instance, if you get sick whenever you see a particular person or find yourself in a similar type of situation, you might be trying to avoid seeing whatever it is that is being reflected in you. Take the time to be mindful – go within and ask yourself if you hold any of the attributes you’re trying so hard to avoid. Work on clearing them – awareness, meditation and Radical Forgiveness are good tools for this – and you may notice that future interactions no longer affect you physically. This is your indicator that the energy has cleared. The person has acted as a healing angel for you.

     Walking your talk and speaking your truth with integrity is your unique and authentic way of being in the world. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who is comfortable with who they are. Peace emanates from them. No energy is wasted trying to please the perceived desires of others. Instead, they allow the light of the Divine to experience itself through them and it’s incredibly beautiful.

     Today my intention is to seek balance and experience the wonder of connection.
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