Dancing with the Divine

     Yesterday my life changed. Again. Each step we take up the ladder of consciousness opens our perception. Things shift, the world takes on new texture and now I find myself integrating this higher frequency.

     I was transported into such a state of Joy and Oneness that I found myself weeping with gratitude. All that played in my mind was “Thank you, God” as I found myself dancing in the presence of the Divine. I saw the beauty of my life and all the players in it from a new dimension – the perfection, the love and the gifts took on new meaning as I was given a glimpse of the future we will share.

     I went back and reread the last two Wow Moments that were written during the days I played with teachers from the Oneness University. The first was Witness the reflection of Love and the second was Whatever is experienced fully transforms into Joy. When we set an intention, do the work and allow, we receive what we have asked for. It’s challenging to utilize language to express what it’s like to expand so quickly and powerfully. Words, limiting things that they are, barely begin to touch the power of the Divine. All I can do at the moment is smile through tears of Joy.

      Today my intention is to hold space while I integrate this expanded energy. My desire is to do whatever it takes to remain at this higher vibration (what you put in determines what you get out!), not only so that my blissful experience of Joy continues at this amazing level, but primarily to share it with you as we walk the next steps of our journey together.
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