Your power lies in the present moment

Authenticity requires the sharing of energy… to do good, to serve, to show compassion. The more you evolve, the more subtle the ego must become because you are learning how to observe its antics and not fall prey to them as you may have in the past. For the awakening soul, the ego may appear as procrastination. We have loving ideas, high ideals and ways to share grace; however, we find reasons to put things off until tomorrow. And tomorrow.

If you wait, the mind has time to distract. Be your authentic and loving self Now and this immediate flow of energy and connection with the Divine will bring you joy.

When we choose to live in harmony with out true nature, things flow more smoothly. Allowing gives us the opportunity to get out of the way and see what miracles and beauty the Universe has to offer. Tapping into our ability to create without procrastination begins to sow the seeds of infinite design in our lives.

Your power lies in the present moment – pay attention! How can you share kindness now?

Today my intention is to remember that I must let go in order to receive.

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