Living in harmony

Live in harmony with all of life.

That’s Right! I honor this moment as sacred

Your purpose is to discover your passion, to create a life that brings fulfillment and to be the change you wish to see in the world. Some may wonder how they can devote so much energy to their spiritual journey while still needing to navigate the many ups and downs of life. One can bring conscious awareness to any task and create an empowered moment of connection with the Divine.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Therefore, understand that everything is an important aspect of your spiritual journey. What we choose to do doesn’t matter as much as how we choose to do it. The awakened soul brings a sense of awareness to the present moment. If you meditate or chant for an hour a day yet lose your sense of peace when faced with issues regarding business, money, politics or the environment, how is it transforming your life?

You level of consciousness can be measured by the amount of peace you bring to your experiences. Seek to find the flow of life’s energy and move into it with acceptance. This will create a sense of ease and grace throughout your day that will become the foundation of your journey.
Today my intention is to allow my life to be an ever-expanding conversation with the Divine.

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