“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
~ Rumi

That’s Right! I am gentle with myself as I grow and change

The transformative power of compassion is awakened when we choose to truly hear one another. Being fully present calls upon us to drop our preconceived ideas, cease out internal commentary and listen with the heart.

All of us are from the same source of energy and are aligned in the soul’s desire to awaken. The only difference between us is one’s soul age and level of consciousness.

Infant souls are in the process of simply learning to survive. They live close to the earth and often have belief systems that are deeply aligned with nature.

Baby souls seek to learn through following. They desire strict rules and restrictions and have not yet learned how to expand ideas or beliefs.

Young souls are concerned with power, control, greed and money. They learn through identity with the physical plane.

Mature souls have discovered that there is more to life than power and seek to expand through compassion. They want to heal their families, the community and the planet.

Old souls have lived many, many lifetimes and have the ability to see from a higher perspective. They seek Oneness with the Divine and with all life. Their role is to teach by example.

All of these soul ages and perceptions weave the tapestry of life and each has a part to play in the awakening consciousness of which we are all a part. Cultivate an understanding of where you are in the spectrum of awakening and do your best to live in alignment with your role on the planet.

Today my intention is to remember that as I change, the world around me is transformed.

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