Focus on possibilities

This moment is filled with infinite possibilities. What will you create?


That’s Right! When I find harmony and balance in my mind, I find it in my life


Be willing to try something new today. Experimenting with the unknown often brings out wonderful aspects of the Self that have been lying dormant. It’s time to explore the vastness of your being.

“Everyone feels fear. But giving in to fear is what makes our lives narrow and dark. Fear-based action is the source of all conflict; fearful response, the root of all sorrow. Fear is what prevents intimacy and undermines love. But we’re often now aware of how fear drives so much of what we do. There is often fear behind what we call kindness, fear in ambition, in depression, and always fear in anger. Every time we give in to fear we lose our life. In fear we imagine a terrible future, and in this imagining we create a terrible present. We bring upon ourselves the very misery that we are desperately trying to push away. The secret to living with fearful feelings is saying yes to the objects of fear – not being swallowed by them, but welcoming them as invitations to move toward freedom.” ~ Ezra Bayda

Courage is the ability to walk forward in spite of any fears that arise. In this moment, you have an opportunity to see yourself differently, to respond to whatever unfolds with conscious intention and make choices that spark passion and harmony in your life.

Today my intention is to be awake, to rise above self-imposed limitation and walk forward in faith.
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