Dream bravely


Open your consciousness to all the wonderful possibilities of life.


That’s Right! I am safe in the world. I am comfortable with change and growth


When faced with a challenge, one of the first responses is to ask “Why?” The mind seeks certainty, meaning and logic in order to navigate through difficult moments. But the answers we create are simply projections of our own beliefs. Life is far more complex and everything is interconnected in ways that are often beyond our ability to consciously understand. The answers may elude the rational mind even as we focus on staying present. Learn to stand in your strength even in the face of the unknown.

Spiritual practice has little to do with concrete explanations. Inner wisdom comes from experiencing the Now as it is, with all it’s complexity and obscurity. Only by being fully present is Oneness experienced.

There is no need to have definitive answers because we live in a world of infinite potential. Break the limiting pattern of resisting what is and recognize how your perceptions can expand through self-observation. See yourself as a timeless expression of the Divine.
Today my intention is to see myself as a magnificent being who is wise and beautiful.
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