Living an empowered, magical life

You can create the life of your dreams.

“Life is the game of games, the ultimate game. It has tremendous meaning if your take it as a game and you don’t become too serious about it. If you remain simple and innocent, the game is going to impart many things to you.”

When you view your life experience as a game, you’ll discover that each situation has the opportunity to teach you something new about yourself and your abilities. Bring awareness to your daily journey while reminding yourself that many things are possible. Patterns repeat until we have mastered that skill level. Then we begin to explore the next experience.

The fundamental component of mastery is trusting the process of your awakening. The more aware you become, the more possibilities are available to you. You begin to break free from belief in limitation and expand in a way that seems magical to the uninitiated; however, it is simply living in alignment with your true nature.

The higher your state of consciousness, the easier things flow. As you discover that you are one with existence itself, fear dissipates and freedom brings openness and joy to the journey.

Today my intention is to remember not to take my thoughts too seriously.

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