I am conscious

Your beliefs, thoughts and words shape your reality.

“I rise above all limitations. I am Divinely guided and inspired.”
~Louise Hay~

Pay attention to your words, for they have the power to shape your experiences. Someone who constantly says, “I’m a procrastinator”, “I’m always late”, “I can’t….” or “I’ll never be able to…” strengthens the limiting mindsets that dictate how they walk through life.

Begin with “I Am Conscious.” Set a tone of awareness in your experience and reclaim your Divine birthright. You are here to thrive, to be joyful and to rise above limitation. Your conscious intent has the ability to transform any situation into one of empowerment.

Consider using the examples above and practicing with a different word each day. Journal your experiences. You may be surprised to discover how powerful you truly are.

Today my intention is to release any old beliefs, mental scripts, words or actions that do not bring joy to my experience.

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