Being at ease with the unknown

The Buddha has defined nothingness as overflowing compassion.

“Ultimately we need to understand that spiritual life isn’t about being safe, secure or comfortable. It’s not that we won’t sometimes feel secure in the course of our spiritual practice; we surely will. Yet there is a fundamental security that develops from many years of practice – though it is a far cry from the immediate comfort we may now crave.”
~Ezra Bayda~

To quiet the mind is to become comfortable with the unknown. There’s no need to plan out every step of your existence. The awakened soul operates on faith, adventure and discovery while leaving enough space in their experience for miracles to unfold.

Many people believe that if they have a plan they’ll be safe or they’ll succeed. Yet, no matter how many contingencies they anticipate, life will always present something unexpected. There is great joy in learning how to negotiate the unknown with grace. When we do not limit life by attaching to outcomes, we open ourselves to infinite possibility.

Today my intention is to remember that all the unknowns of life are simply spaces filled with shimmering possibility.

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