Cultivating compassion

Compassion is a necessary component of enlightenment.

“In some people anxiety is obvious. Others may appear calm and at ease with life, yet still be scared to death – of intimacy, of criticism, of loss, of something. Just because fear in others is not obvious doesn’t mean it’s not there. The fear may be hidden, but it is just as powerful and just as frightening. Recalling this can foster compassion.”
~Ezra Bayda~

The two most powerful tools of enlightenment are meditation and mindfulness. There is nothing more important than learning how to still the mind. If you struggle with sitting and meditating for hours at a time, choose instead to spend quiet moments just enjoying the Now. Sit in nature and listen, watch, be. Let your senses focus on any repetitive or rhythmical sounds. See the beauty which surrounds you.

When you are focused on listening, the mind stops. The resulting sense of connection and well-being allow you to experience the truest aspects of who you are. In the stillness, anything is possible but nothing seems necessary.

It’s interesting that the word mindfulness actually refers to being present and aware and not thinking. When you create stillness in your own experience, it becomes possible to have more compassion for others, and for yourself as well. Strive to allow your expression of life to come from this quiet and loving place.

Today my intention is to remember that all pain and dysfunction is caused by fear. When I operate from love, I create a space where transformation is possible.

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