Nothing is lacking

What is your definition of contentment? Abundance? Success?

“Just go on enjoying, enjoying whatever becomes available. If success is there, enjoy it. If failure is there, enjoy it – because failure brings a few enjoyments that no success can ever bring. Success also brings a few joys that no failure can ever bring.”

Once I overheard a conversation regarding suicide. One voice lamented, “I just don’t understand, he was so successful.” I interpreted this to mean that the person in question perhaps had incredible wealth or business success; however, success has nothing to do with titles, acquisitions or relationships. It is only achieved through a peaceful and contented frame of mind.

Some people set and achieve grand goals. This is wonderful if experienced with openness and excitement, gratitude and fulfillment. What often occurs is an immediate formation of a new goal once the first is achieved. The mind is always seeking, doing, achieving and reaching – never satisfied. Is this success or simply endless striving?

Conversely, someone completely at ease with the present moment may seem simple or unmotivated, especially in our busy world. They remember to pause in appreciation of the beauty of the day or express kindness to another. They seem unfazed by worry and peaceful in the present moment.

There are infinite ways to experience life. No matter what path you choose, live it fully and with an open heart. Celebrate the joy of being alive. Work, play, rest and love with equal passion. Be content.

Today my intention is to honor my path as sacred. I am a living expression of the life, love and laughter of the Divine.

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