Living a life of bliss

Many people base their happiness upon what happens in their lives. Our experiences in the world of form are constantly in flux and everything can change in an instant. The present moment is often wasted by thoughts about things that have happened, what may happen and what should happen. There is inherent perfection in life itself… it resides in the stillness behind the movement of experience and cannot be touched by the ebb and flow of life.

Fulfillment cannot come through possessions, other people, titles or achievement or how an event unfolds. The joy of life comes through you and flows into all that you do. Living a life of bliss calls upon us to recognize our union with the Divine and become a channel for that eternal and formless energy. No matter what you choose to do, approach it with joy, enthusiasm or acceptance. Nothing less serves you. All the energy you send out into the world returns tenfold.

When we stand in the presence of the Divine, we enter a world of wonder. All thought dissipates, only the heart remains and tears of joy and laughter ensue. Wonder, joy and bliss become our new foundation. We seek the Divine within all those with whom we interact. We find peace in the quiet moments and open to receive a miracle… and the miracle is freedom from the mind.

Today my intention is to be joyful and reside in the knowledge that all my experiences will simply be a reflection of me.


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