Allow space for the unknown

This morning I awoke loving the dark stillness of the morning. I entered the gap between thought and action and took the time to breathe.

There is nothing more beautiful than discovering the endless facets of our infinite nature. Surround yourself with those who are spiritual seekers – immerse yourself in new perceptions – and take the time to allow yourself to shine.

Conscious breathing is a great place to start. It draws the attention to the heart chakra and begins to slow down the pace of the mind. I am thrilled to live this adventure, and see life as far more expansive than I could possibly imagine.

Whenever you feel tempted to do things in the same old way, out of perceived comfort, familiarity or the belief that you’ve mastered some aspect of your life, ask yourself if there’s any value in repeating the past… or might you learn more from taking a risk, discovering new capabilities or opening to new knowledge. This beautiful journey never ends – no matter how much we know, we’ve barely begun to experience the infinite.

Today my intent is to allow space for the unknown. In the midst of my plans, I choose to pay attention to the messages from the Universe and to give my time, love and attention to the Now. My awakening continues each and every moment and whether my teacher is Zen Mistress Minky or Mr. Kizmet needing attention, a moth fluttering at the window or a lesson in calm patience from the trees standing as sentinels of time, I choose to embrace the magic of life.

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