Life’s simple pleasures

Great beauty can be found in the simple, ordinary things of life. Even the most mundane of tasks take on a sacred quality when approached with awareness, intention and gratitude. It’s important to remember that you dictate how your life unfolds by the energy that you bring to the situations you encounter. When we act out of love, without expectation or attachment, wholly involved in the Now, we can become one with the moment itself.

Be patient with yourself. Sometimes all that is required is a peaceful alertness as we learn to exist aligned and in tune with the energy of the planet. This is a time full of mystery… like the dawning of a new day, there is a quiet anticipation as the awakening happens all around us. In the silence, limitless possibilities await.

Be aware of your relationship to the world around you. Our interconnectedness is becoming more apparent with each passing moment and we learn to see life as a mirror that supports us in becoming whole. The spiritual seeker is learning oneness – through interactions, gratitude, reflection and exploration.

Today my intention is to be fulfilled, blissful, peaceful and what my extraordinary life unfold.

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