How the mind creates stress

Many people believe that they need to take care of everyone around them. The struggle and juggle until they make themselves sick with worry. Usually at the peak of this experience, they’ll get sick or have an accident which forces them to release control, if only for a little while… and even then they worry about everyone they are letting down by not being there.

Nurturing yourself is the greatest gift that you can give those you love. Take the time to walk alone, savor the textures of life or read a book. Recharge and renew your beautiful spirit and strength. We can help others much more by allowing them the opportunities to struggle, succeed, learn and overcome their own challenges. By excessive overdoing, one actually holds another back from learning their own lessons.

The spiritual seeker brings mindfulness to the situations in which they find themselves immersed – sometimes taking action and at others choosing to observe, the purposeful soul knows the value of a challenge and provides support for those around them. Listen to the messages you receive from your body and from the reflection of life around you. Stress and tension are always indicators that we are becoming stuck in the mind and need to reassess how we are approaching the present moment.

Today my intention is to be at peace. All that I need will unfold at the perfect way at the perfect time.

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