Let your life be your message

You are a living expression of the Universe in ecstatic motion.

“Let your life be your message.” ~Mahatma Ghandi~

Your journey is unique and the world is changed by your sojourn here. After years of meditation, gratitude, workshops, books, teachers and experiences, your life becomes the interpretation of what you have truly learned.

Many people get caught in the trappings of a particular belief system. The ego loves to have labels and will often immediately jump into judgment or limited expectations of others based upon preconceived ideas. You can step out of limitation by living your life in a way that is unfailingly kind, open, aware and joyful. Others will respond to your awakened expression of life.

All old souls have a karmic agreement to teach a certain number of people prior to evolving off the planet. The easiest way to fulfill that is through  inspired actions and conscious behavior. While this calls upon us to be authentic and mindful, it also helps us to firmly anchor our beliefs through consistent practice, and thus, your life has beautiful meaning.

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