The joy of being

Choose to create joy where you are.

“Opening yourself to the emerging consciousness and bringing its light into this world becomes the primary purpose of your life.” ~Eckhart Tolle~

Our inner purpose is to awaken. While our outer purpose can change many times in the course of a lifetime, the idea is to align the two purposes together in a way that is unique, vibrant and joyful.

When you find your passion, allow it to infuse your choices and experiences in a way that uplifts your spirit. Personal responsibility calls upon us to bring a conscious awareness to our decisions. We cannot control the events of life but we can control how we choose to respond to them.

Imagine how your experience would be transformed if you dropped the need to achieve perfection. Rather than striving for some future goal, you may discover the perfection that is inherent in the present moment. As souls in the process of discovering our mastery and potential, each experience simply helps us to become more awake, more conscious and thus, more joyful.

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