Everything is energy

Everything emits a unique energetic vibration.

“Spirituality is one type of energy – the energy that links us to our deepest essential nature and to the universal source. Consciousness is the awareness of all of the energies within us.” ~Shakti Gawain~

Pay attention to the vibrational frequency of the things, people, ideas, emotions and experiences that fill your life. It’s important to ensure that your surroundings complement your unique energy and intentions. Incongruity can detract from your feelings of balance and harmony.

For instance: consider how challenging it would be for your focus to be clarity and balance when you have a pile of old paperwork piled up in the corner of your bedroom or office. Each time you notice it, thoughts arise – “I should go through those” or “I hate how that looks…” – whether at the forefront of your mind or hovering in the background, it has an impact of your overall state of being.

It’s the little things that bring us joy; therefore, fill your life with mini-blessings. Handle things as they arise when they are small and manageable. Imagine how wonderful you feel when the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional aspects of your life experience are in balance.

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