Share your gifts

Whatever you choose to do, do it with love and integrity.

“Our higher purpose is what we came here to do on a soul level. We are born with the specific interests, talents, and abilities to fulfill that purpose.” ~Shakti Gawain~

Our higher purpose is the sharing of our gifts. We chose the perfect family, soul group, karmic contracts, life situations and personality traits to arrange the circumstances of our lives in order to express those gifts.

When our lives are balanced and centered, the resulting feelings of fulfillment and peacefulness flow into all we do. Don’t underestimate the value of the gifts you have to offer. You may be a wonderful listener, someone who remains positive in the face of challenges or a frequency holder who keeps others’ energy fields balanced. When your gift comes naturally to you, it’s easy to underestimate the effect it has on others, but you are quiet literally fulfilling your life’s purpose.

You bring something beautiful to the world that was not here before, and will not be seen again. This is the moment to embrace your unique Path of Transformation and to share your light with the world.

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