Karmic agreements

Everyone plays a role in your souls development.

“Your purpose is to awaken.”
~Eckhart Tolle~

There are many types of karmas that help us to rediscover Oneness, create balance, learn through experience and prepare for the next level of our spiritual development. You have a support circle of 12 souls that have agreed to assist you on this journey of self-discovery. The more conscious you are, the more likely to are to accept the support that is available for you.

Each of us has one person that consistently challenges us. Think of the person that frustrates or triggers you the most – that soul is likely playing the role of “Discipline” in order to help you to be stronger in your beliefs, more articulate or mindful of your own truth. He or she behaves in a way that helps you cultivate positive attributes such as patience or acceptance.

Consider this: the person that challenges you the most on the physical plane, loves you the most on the spiritual plane. They are willing to act out a negative role, perhaps losing your love and good-will in the process, in order to help you evolve more quickly.
Today my intention is to choose to find the gift in every situation.
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