Seek to recognize the sacred in one another.

“Spirituality is not the practice of any virtue; spirituality is the gaining of a new vision.”

This moment is an opportunity to love. You can greet it with open arms or you can close down in fear. As your consciousness expands, your perception shifts and things begin to change. When you are able to recognize the sacred in another, it changes how you choose to interact – there is only support, kindness, acceptance and understanding. You are set free from limitation.

Whether love calls you into action, acceptance, grace, forgiveness or compassion, know that you have the ability to transform any situation. Become one with the present moment. Choose a quiet space and take a moment to breathe. Still your mind and go within. Imagine that with each breath you inhale vibrant energy of pure potential. Feel its sparkling power as it informs and awakens every aspect of your being to the infinite possibilities that await discovery.
Today my intention is to keep things simple. In the stillness of Now, I have the ability to transcend the realm of thought and enter the infinite realm of the sacred. 
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