Life begins where fear ends

Fear paralyzes.

“Everyone feels fear. But giving in to fear is what makes our lives narrow and dark. Fear-based action is the source of all conflict; fearful response, the root of all sorrow. Fear is what prevents intimacy and undermines love. But we’re often not aware of how fear drives so much of what we do. There is often fear behind what  we call kindness, fear in ambition, in depression, and always fear in anger. Every time we give in to fear we lose our life. In fear we imagine a terrible future, and in this imagining we create a terrible present. We bring upon ourselves the very misery that we are desperately trying to push away. The secret to living with fearful feelings is saying yes to the objects of fear – not being swallowed by them, but welcoming them as invitations to move toward freedom.”
~Ezra Bayda~

We transform fear into empowerment by shining the light of consciousness upon it, seeing it clearly and taking heart-informed action. What you fight you strengthen; therefore, when you accept the feelings as they arise you’ll discover the power of non-resistance. Instead of engaging in ego driven “what if?” thoughts or attempting to repress them, you’ll purposely find a way to step into the flow of a joyful, blissful life.

Nothing is more important than your joy. Don’t wait to celebrate your journey. If this were the last moment of your life, all the petty angers, disappointments and enmity would become pointless and unimportant. In the power of the present moment, love becomes important, forgiveness and friendship become meaningful and we discover that joy connects us to the Divine.
Today my intention is to move forward with ease and grace knowing that all is well. 
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