Living a multi-faceted life

Enjoy the fullness of human experience.

“Jump into the river, that is the only way to know life. Jump into the river. Never be a spectator. The spectator is the poorest person in the world.”

This planet is the only place to explore the nuances of human experience. While many tend to create opinions and judgments that dictate how they participate in life, the spiritual seeker understands that everything has the potential to teach and desires only to expand their awareness.

Has your life been a celebration? Do your choices create or reinforce a bubble of limitation in your viewpoints and beliefs or can you recognize everyone who graces your experience as a teacher? No matter what you choose to do, immerse yourself within it. If it has virtue for you, it will become a facet of your infinite beauty. If not, you will emerge wiser, stronger and more compassionate.

Being fully present with the totality of life brings freedom. There is no worry, no judgment… only the expansiveness of an infinite divine spirit exploring the beauty that only earth-bound experience has to offer.

Today my intention is to let it be. Without struggle, life is bliss.
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