Separation is an illusion.

Our physical world utilizes the illusion of separation to facilitate the exploration of Oneness. This paradoxical experience will ultimately help us to discover that we all share very common struggles, fears, joys, expansion and compassion.

Some people are lost in their perceived boundaries of race, beliefs, political views, sexuality, gender, etc. These boundaries often create a lot of judgment and expectation; however, the only difference between us is our level of consciousness and where we are in the process of awakening – and that, too, is fluid and ever-evolving.

When you meet someone, choose to be something more than the roles you play in this life. Rather than discussing your job, marital or parental status, or using any limiting descriptors, simply be fully present in the interaction. Explore who you are in the presence of the other. Allow them to shine and to also experience your authentic energy. When we speak without preconceived limitation we create an opportunity for true connection.

When I meet someone new, instead of asking about their work I ask about the most amazing thing they’ve ever experienced. I ask what they find inspirational or who has had the greatest impact on their life. Everyone is wildly interesting. Their perceptions and stories are unique.

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