A change in consciousness


Celebrate the small, new beginnings and breakthroughs in your experience.

“My new world is a reflection of me new thinking. It is a joy and a delight to plant new seeds, for I know these seeds will become my new experiences. All is well in my world.”  ~Louise Hay~

Most people do not experience a flash of insight that immediately shifts their consciousness to a permanent level of enlightenment. Rather, we experience awakening as a slow, progressive journey inward that, layer by layer, releases all that blocks us from seeing our inner sacredness and potential.

The cumulative effects of consistent practice are reflected in our life experiences. Initially, when we place our attention on healing a particular issue, things get more challenging. Life will bring the dysfunction to the surface so that we cannot miss seeing it. From there, we can utilize our tools and begin to break free from our perceived limitation.

Honor your path as sacred. Whatever arises is exactly what you require in order to access the higher levels of consciousness. Trust the process. Know that you are loved, guided and protected each and every step of the way. Nurture the seeds of change for each is a stepping stone to the higher levels of consciousness.

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