How high can you go?

Our level of consciousness determines how we interpret and respond to life.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  ~Albert Einstein~

In the midst of a challenge, it can be interesting to observe how conscious we remain. When the ego takes charge, our reactions will typically reflect the lower levels of consciousness such as Pride, Anger or Fear. Notice how these responses tend to extend the problem and even add extra layers to it.

When we stay rooted in the higher levels of consciousness, we are able to recognize the voice of ego, see past it and rise above it. Then we can ask, “How high can I go?” In the stillness of awareness we are able to discern appropriate action (or inaction) and act with conscious intent. The energy is significantly different; therefore, the outcome will be as well.

Be kind to yourself. Should you miss the mark, do not slip into self-judgment. Rather, observe with a loving and open heart. Take responsibility for your choices and learn from them whenever needed. When you are able to access your conscious awareness in the midst of challenges, that is a sign that you are becoming increasingly awake. Celebrate how far you have come.

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