Inspiration, motivation and transformation

Life is meant to be a constant process of growth and experience… each moment shedding old layers of limitation and belief while discovering new facets of our divine potential. The transformation of suffering into something empowering and beautiful begins with the ability to see the necessity of opposites. In darkness, we discover the magnificence of the light. We walk through shadows, facing fear and limitation, only to emerge transformed and courageous. Once we learn that all things participate together for the sole purpose of our growth, we can more easily move into a state of acceptance.

Sometimes you have to be who you aren’t in order to discover who you are – this is also the dance of opposite polarities. Each side of the coin serves a purpose and one cannot exist without the other. The beauty is in the contrast. Accept all aspects of life as part of the human experience and become a loving witness.

As the observer, you will remain able to see objectively, experience the present moment consciously and process new information and insight. This is an important aspect of spiritual growth. It’s important to ensure that we don’t begin to identify with the judgments, stories or absorb the suffering – instead, we simply seek bliss now from wherever we are with what we have and move forward from there.

Today my intention is to embrace change. This is the moment of transformation.

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